Well, what can I say, June here in Charleston has provided us with a great fishery! I have been targeting Redfish and Speckled Sea Trout consistently and both of those target Species have been prevalent just depending on the tides. Redfish, I have been catching on crab,live shrimp, Mullet, Menhaden, and I don't bother much with mud minnows in this often clowdy water. Smell is a Redfish's number one sense that he goes by, they have poor eyesight. That's why when your working artificial lures, you need to retrieve at a slow pace! My number one artificial I fish with is Berkeley Gulp. It has the scent, action, and I use weedless hooks so I don't get hung up fishing structure. I still use spoons and spinner baits when fan casting to find the fish, however when we get that school pinned in I go to the Gulp. DOA, in my opinion in clowdy water, in my opinion, just doesn't put out enough scent. We have been using floats with minnows, Shrimp, and DOA shrimp rigged up for the Trout! Grubs are always effective when fan casting and covering a lot of territory. Usually, an 1/8 ounce jig head is my preference, you just have to be patient and let it sink all the way down before retrieving it. The big Jacks are here and as ferocious as ever, especially on the strike, so you better have strong hooks. The shark bite is definitely here and light tackle makes it a good time, if that's what you want to target. The Tarpon are here, I suggest doing a 3/4 day trip to a full day when trying to tackle one of these monsters. You need to be able to have tons of bait, both dead and alive, both on the bottom and top of the water column. You will catch tons of sharks when Tarpon Fishing but the Silver King is out there, you just have to weed through the sharks. I chum a lot and feel it makes a world of difference. Pick a Target Species and let's go after em, tight lines! Captain Rawling Pratt-Thomas